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We are here to Boost-Up "Net-Worth of each one by helping to provide ample resources to imrpove Income. We provide free sales force and experts from varied field to help each other to achieve exponential growth in business


Our Mission

The mission of BGP is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.


What We Do?

To Help Business Owners to Build A Strong Network  

that fuels professional growth 



Not net-sit or net-eat, it's net-WORK which works for us to grow our business

                                           TIME of business owner/ founder is essence for the growth of any business. If the business owner starts to waste time by unnecessary movement than it may cost him huge. But it’s also true you need referral / leads to grow your business. From where you will get referral. It may be generated through Networking. 

                                                                                                                           WE have launched this platform “BGP” to save the time and man-days of the business owners but still generate referral & business. They need not to move physically to showcase its business. 

Also physically meets are not so effective as you may meet 5-7 people at a time. But through this online platform you may show case your business to as many people as possible at one go.

                                         Every business owner has to update their presentation on weekly basis. It will benefit them as more active participation means more visibility. More visibility means more referrals. More Referrals means more business.    

Your presentation shall be saved for future and will be available for other members to refer & see again. We will create the options of group chats as well. Various other associated benefits shall be introduced over the time. Members who will earn the maximum points will get the benefits like free movie tickets, free holiday packages, discounts on purchase from other members etc.



BGP is built on a set of guiding principles which form the foundation on which members interact, conduct themselves and fulfill their goals.


01. Net Worth Booster Program 

02. Benefit to All Member

03. Continuous Learning

04. New Idea + Innovation

05. Positive Attitude

06. Business Ethics

07. Accountability & Responsibility 

08. Build Goodwill & Trust

Numbers Saying Everything

With thousands of chapters worldwide, BGP provides a global business network that remains unmatched.

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