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We have highly experienced team to handle LEGAL MATTERS. Partners have standing of more than 20 years before the various Courts/ Tribunals, Debt recovery Tribunal, District Courts, Consumer Courts, High Court of Delhi, and Courts in NCR including drafting of legal documents of different kinds of petition, Writs (both civil and criminal), suits, written statement, rejoinder, Agreements, Notices etc.

Having experience of doing different kinds of Writ Petitions (both civil and criminal), Suits, Appeals, Revision/Review Petitions, Curative Petitions in both Civil and Criminal Law involving different kind of statutes/Act and also Arbitration, Miscellaneous bail applications,

We do legal consultancy and provides legal opinions in the matters involving: -

-Property cases and labour laws

-Intellectual Property rights

-Cases involving Insurance, Consumer and MACT Act.

-Matters relating to Coop.  Societies Act and land Acquisition Act.

-Banking Cases including cases before the DRT and DRAT.

-Matrimonial cases

-Cases under the provisions of Negotiable Instruments Act.

-Arbitration Proceedings

-Other cases in the form of writs, appeals, Revisions, Review, Miscellaneous petitions, Arbitration, Execution.

-And different kinds Criminal cases involving Indian Panel Code, Prevention of Food Adulteration, Prevention of Corruption act and also complaint cases under Negotiable Instrument Act, IPC as well appeal and revision etc.criminal complaints etc.

We have rich & well resourceful library for legal research in the form of Law Journals and other commentaries for providing consultancy/legal opinions expeditiously as well as other software search tools such as SCC online, Manupatra, etc. for access to the latest judgments and laws of the Supreme court of India and other High Courts of India.

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